Saturday, February 28, 2009


Blast you, Chip! You got me hooked.

I cut back a lot in an effort to make my kiri-no-mori last until the replacement Yame and Yuuki Konjo arrived. As the stash dwindled to a whisper, I did a little photojournalism and will await the stream of awards.

Krap... running out.
From matcha

Starting to look pretty grim. :/
From matcha

Ruh roh. If I lick out the tin, I'll cut my tongue...
From matcha

Fortunately, I got the call a few hours after emptying the tin that a box had arrived today from Japan.
Suite Sister Mary! YES!!!
From matcha

Now I see a glimpse of The Way.

Empty tin = bad.

Open tin + reserve tin = good. :D

And now for a little history to view while enjoying some tea, compliments of Seven Cups:


Stacey said...

Haha! your enslavement is now complete!


Anonymous said...

This makes me feel like devoting myself to that wonderful grassy flavor. Even more than the flavor I like the feeling in my mind, body, and spirit of a good strong Matcha with its well-balanced theine and theanine, etc. said...

mmmm matcha :D... I enjoyed the images of the matcha :)